It doesn’t take much, and over time your business accounting file can turn into a mess. We’ve seen it a million times before. You’re flat out running your business & the bookkeeping is the last thing on your mind. Or perhaps your current bookkeeper just doesn’t have the required experience or qualifications to correctly maintain the accounts for your business.

Whatever the reason, if you find that you are behind in your lodgments or if your accounts remain incorrect & unreconciled then contact us. We specialise in rescue jobs & frequently help our clients to identify & recover overpayments made to suppliers or taxation agencies during the reconciliation process.

What are Rescue jobs?

Rescue jobs are usually complex and varied and will probably include variations and degrees of:

Bank reconciliations  not completed for months or years
Old unreconciled transactions in the last bank reconciliation
Deleted reconciled transactions which will cause the bank reconciliations  to be out of balance
Same for credit cards
Unreconciled/Undeposited Funds, Electronic Clearing and Payroll Clearing Accounts
Incorrect allocation of GST
Unreconciled GST Control Accounts
Incorrect set up and allocation of Payroll including combining PAYG and Super Control Accounts and wrongly accruing SL & AL
Out of Balance in the AP or AR Reconciliation Summary

This just names a few issues. Because of the complex and varied nature of rescue jobs it’s impossible to document a system for cleaning it up. It really comes down to experience and with that comes an understanding of where to look for the issues and how to fix them. We are  “specialists” in this field and look forward to cleaning up your Bookkeeping.