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Books-r-us Accounting and bookkeeping services are used by a wide range of clients, from small to medium and big businesses.

We have a genuine understanding of the realities of running a business and Our bookkeeping services are effective, timely and professional. We also offer you the flexibility of onsite( St George and surrounding areas)  or offsite bookkeeping, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, Quarterly or Backlogs.

Balance Sheet Assets > Liabilities > Equity

Preparation and reporting  – in 100% plain English
Is your business worth anything? Your numbers will reveal all.
Build your business foundation to promote solid growth.
Your key business numbers are reviewed with you regularly putting you firmly in the driver’s seat.  We don’t talk accounting ‘lingo’, we explain your results in plain English and help you ‘read’ your financial reports.

Stock/Inventory Control

Know what you’ve got, what you need to get rid of, and what you need to order.
Accurately track sales and stock to analyze the most profitable items.
Analyze performance and concentrate on the items that make you the most money.
Replace ‘dead stock’ when the time is right for optimum cash flow and profitability.

Accounting Software

Software is only as powerful as the person driving it
MYOB – QuickBooks-Xero-Saasu Experts. We know our programs inside out
Learn what you need to know, not what you’ll never use.
New Account set-up (Chart of Accounts, Inventory, Payroll etc.)
End of Year  rollover.
MYOB / QuickBooks  Professional Partners
Xero & Saasu Experts

Custom Reports / Solutions / Troubleshooting

Every business is different, with different needs
We specialize in all things that have to do with -numbers-.  Whatever your specific requirements, we can tailor our  approach and produce management reports to suit your needs.  Whether it’s streamlining your systems to give you more time, improving financial controls and management, or helping you define and implement organizational change for greater profitability and Cash Flow, we have the systems, tools and know how to make it happen.  Our  job is to make your life easier as business owner by giving you the right information and support to help you measure, manage and grow your business more successfully.

Late Tax & BAS lodgment our expertise

Do you need someone to clear any backlog, bring all your bookkeeping up to date, or lodge your BAS statement no matter how behind your are?
Our professional bookkeepers excel at problem solving. With over 15 years experience in the bookkeeping and accounting field we know what to do, how to handle the ATO and in no time bring you up to date. We take care of your books so you can focus on what you do best: growing and running your business.

Bookkeeping for Share Traders/Stock Market

Years of experience in the field of entering and reconciling your Share Trading


Entering  transactions, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts, Reporting.

Know which of your customers owe you money.  Get faster payment by implementing best practice.  Late payers can be followed-up professionally on your behalf if you don’t want to be ‘the bad guy’.  Your cash flow is adjusted accordingly so you always know the ‘big picture’ months in advance.  Streamline your systems to maximize efficiency.

Accounts Payable (Expenses)

Data Entry, Quotes, Orders, Purchases, Credit Notes, Payments, Reporting.
Know who you owe money to and when it’s due.
Use supplier payment terms to your advantage to improve your cash flow and business position.  The Right systems mean you can time your payments to keep your suppliers happy and your bank balance healthy.  Your cash flow is adjusted accordingly so you always know the ‘big picture’ months in advance.

Payroll and Superannuation

Timesheets, Time Billing, Payslips, Superannuation Liabilities, End of Year Employee Payment Summaries.  Payroll can be tricky. We can handle it all for you,  with payslips delivered to employees same day.  Time billing (bill customers accurately for time spent on jobs).  End of year Payment Summaries produced for all employees.
Superannuation responsibilities calculated and kept in check.   PAYG and Superannuation are worked into your cash flow so you always know the ‘big picture’ in advance

Bank Reconciliations

Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Loan Statements.

Relax in knowing the numbers you’re relying on are accurate and up-to-date at all times.
Your books are balanced to your bank, credit card and loan statements on a regular basis.  Everything is accounted for and squared away.
Keep accurate track of money coming in and out of your business and know when things are ‘out’.  BAS / IAS (GST and PAYG)

Preparation and Lodgment by a Registered BAS Agent

As a client you’ll always have up-to-date books which means preparing your IAS and BAS are a breeze.  As BAS Agents and Senior Bookkeepers we are  authorised to legally prepare and lodge your BAS/IAS forms.  If you’re behind in your Tax affairs we here to help. We will  make sure you ‘catch up’ on your late returns ASAP.  GST and PAYG are worked into your cash flow so you’ll never have to ‘raid’ your bank account to pay for an ‘unexpected’ BAS ever again.

Profit and Loss Sales > Cost of Goods Sold > Expenses > Net Profit

Profit doesn’t equal cash, but it’s vital for analysis and helps you grow – if you know what to look for.  Your key business numbers are reviewed with you regularly putting you firmly in the drivers seat. Fix potential problems before they make a negative impact on your bottom line, not months later when the damage has already been done.
We don’t talk accounting ‘lingo’, we explain your results in plain English and help you ‘read’ your financials. Your financial statements are ever ready for your external accountant,or Books-r-us  can do your Taxes as well as we are  Registered Tax Agents
There are  no ‘surprises’ come Year-End Tax time. No more ‘surprise’ tax bills.